Distributed party

Distributed party

Feels like it's about time to have a party of some kind. There has been some talk about organising a distributed party. So how would we do that?

Hands Up
Photo by Sarthak Navjivan / Unsplash

We have a live streaming platform that we could modify to support us in this venture. I'd say we take a few inputs from separate locations, where we have something happening, like a DJ or dance troupe or whatever. That would give us a shifting focus and allow people to prepare and participate in the fun. On top of the main acts we can allow people to share live video to be mixed onto the stream.

This way we can have a few different groups and can support people also just having fun with less production effort.

What do we need? Whatever you use to play or create music, that also has an output that can connect to a computer input. You also need a reasonable computer with OBS or some other software that can produce an rtmp stream. Having a webcam or camera that can you can connect to your computer is a bonus. Same thing you would use for YouTube and other streams. We can take it from there. Some of the parties need to be able to broadcast their acts. A central location with good internet connectivity will coordinate everything and we can all have fun watching the stream and seeing each other have fun. Any thoughts?