Live streaming platform

Live streaming platform

In the very beginning of this pandemic, I had a discussion with a few friends about how it would effect DJ's and independent artists. We had an idea to create a platform where we could help them be seen. The live streaming service is now in beta testing and thus far the results have been good. I wrote about the design here.

Flume at Field Day Sydney
Photo by Danny Howe / Unsplash

The goal of the platform is to enable the development of new ways to interact with online live content. We want to bring people into the stream and make things social again. There are two main things we are testing currently. The first is bringing people's camera feeds into the stream, with the help of video mixing and components integrated into the streaming website. The second concept is arranging distributed parties, where small amounts of people can stay home and still be connected to a larger group. The platform should allow multiple DJ's from multiple locations to participate in the action.

At this time, I'm working with a production company to arrange live events online and with my friends to party in the safest possible way. Let me know if you are interested in participating or in need of a streaming platform for your event.

Tweet at @rndpeter or email me at live [at] Currently I'm looking into streaming festivals, theatre plays and DJ gigs.